Matic Lighting Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

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All You Need To Know About Us

The mission of MATIC Lighting is to keep innovation and strive for excellence in the field of lighting business. It continues to provide high quality energy saving products and deliver high value OEM services to the customers and business partners.


MATIC Lighting is an energy saving LED lighting R&D and manufacture company, founded by Mr. Kellent, Hong in 2006, a former general manager and general engineer of Philips Lighting and Electronics Group. The company is located in Shanghai China and its energy saving lighting products covers both domestic and overseas market. The company has a lot of experience involving export and OEM service business for Europe and North America market.

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Need To Pay Attention To The Problem Of Home Lighting

Need To Pay Attention To The Problem Of Home Lighting​Modern life can not be separated from all kinds of lighting, but surround our lighting if the use of improper will also have a variety of problems and even adversely affect us.