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Active layout LED Industry
- Aug 03, 2018 -

With the advent of the LED traditional peak season, backlight market return to stable growth, lighting penetration rate of quarterly climb, LED lighting enterprise shipments of high-speed growth, the scale effect will gradually reflect the quality of LED lighting enterprises to enter a stable profit stage, change the past increase in the situation of not increasing profits.

With the low price of LED lighting products, the traditional lighting brand with channel advantages to fully develop the LED market, the core competitiveness of enterprises are scarce began to appear obvious profit pressure, the speed of the market concentration is also rising. At present, LED lighting industry, the proposed active layout led industry.

First of all, with the price-performance improvement, LED lighting to replace energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamp trend is clear, the current penetration rate of 15%, is expected to enter the stage of rapid growth; second, LED lighting industry space is very large, the global estimated at 300 billion yuan scale. From the investment point of view, upstream chips and downstream channels have higher barriers, with higher investment value; the middle of the package due to entry barriers low, price competition is more intense, the future through mergers and acquisitions to the engineering, lighting expansion is a point. The second half of the industry into a high boom, chip and have the advantage of scale, channel advantage downstream brand manufacturers will reflect high growth.