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LED lighting enterprises to seize the key points
- Aug 03, 2018 -

If the LED filament bulb must be praised as the best substitute for incandescent bulbs, then how can the fluorescent family, with its low pressure gas discharge lamp, be confronted with tungsten these "orthodox" predecessors? From the principle of luminescence to the shape and size, tungsten has epoch-making significance, creating a pioneer of lighting, These all make the later fluorescent lamp from the sigh inferior. As for the former high pressure gas discharge lamp family members "G12 lamp" ceramic Metal halide lamp, even more unique.

Unfortunately, the terminal application of lighting is pleased to accept the replacement of each light source and technological change. A tumultuous lighting revolution, if we have to ignore the reality and crisis of the dispute between the pattern and the discourse, only by clever rhetoric, grandstanding propaganda, and the "originator" of the Electric light era, the "high imitation" of the incandescent lamp, that will be the first time in decades to choose the lighting source of the humiliation.

In the past more than 20 years in the traditional lighting era, from tungsten to fluorescent lamps, and then to metal halide lamps, each light source of the upgrading and innovation, will not just around the pure light source replacement and conservative, even if it is still in the traditional pattern of light source picky lamps, from the light source profile to the type of lamp, also in the change and development. If LED light source turned out to set off a lighting revolution, then the so-called "energy-saving aura" of the bulb lamp replacement will make the "revolution" two words to eclipse. Lighting design and creativity, the first time because you can get rid of the size of the light source product constraints and began to "unrestrained."