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Lighting industry trends in the future a few big points
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Point one: For emerging led enterprises, in the traditional channels occupy a place, the cost is higher, and the probability of success is small. It is difficult to make a difference without considerable funding to support the early stages of development. Brand-centered market operation, in the future may have to have a certain capital platform to support or have the Capital Valuation acquisition conditions (including the normative financial). 

Point two: The body of the enterprise in the LED era to find the way to survive, most of the success is a small probability event. This means that most businesses die during hard fighting, waiting to die, hard or alive. Become a supporting supplier of leading brands or a more comfortable road, but also have to have the material to eat this bowl of rice.

Point three: The real opportunity for the industry to bring environmental opportunities has not yet appeared, which also makes the current enterprises want to fly over the cost is very high.

Point four: The real big opportunity is not the effort of individual enterprise, but the waiting or innovation of new industry new environment, new platform, new demand. In this way, enterprises in the whole industry have a general sense of development opportunities. The electric dealer certainly is not such a common industry development opportunity. 

Point five: The electric dealer is a means even should become the necessary enterprise strategy. But the cost and efficiency of the electricity business is not lower than the traditional operation, and the success rate is more unreliable. Lighting industry in Taobao, cat platform on the whole network to maintain the average cost of the operation of their own electric business, can not with daily necessities, department stores and other repetitive purchase characteristics of the industry to spell costs, put into ~ this is like the lighting industry NVC, OP, three-hung in the CCTV prime time advertising, go with the Japanese, cars, It is a truth that the enterprises of the finance and other industries are bidding with Taiwan. 

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