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Requirements for the use of Highbay
- Aug 03, 2018 -

In order to meet the visual needs of different production operations and the needs of installation conditions of lamps and lanterns, the reflector of industrial and mining lamps should be able to produce light distributions of various width and thickness. The surface paints, the glaze makes it appear white, and uses the reflector which the material and so on aluminum, the glass mirror, the prism glass, all may obtain the wide light distribution, is suitable for large area, the working face vertical or near perpendicular work place.

For large factories and large machine tools need to separate lighting sites, can be used prism glass, mirror glass and polished aluminum and other light control materials made of the reflector, the narrow beam distribution. In order to work in a long and reliable place with a lot of dust, damp and other environmental conditions, the miner's lamp has special requirements in structural design, casing and reflector. In a dusty environment, you should use closed-type lamps or convection-type lamps with upward light (see photo); In humid environment, we should pay attention to the airtight of the casing and the surface treatment of the reflector. General indoor Open type lamps, the use of enamel reflector, the surface of alumina film thick or coated with silica protective film aluminum reflector; Taking into account the inevitable vibration in the production site, the fixed light should be used to prevent loose lampholders, and so on. The miner's lamp has several fixed ways. General lighting has suction top, embedded, hoisting (using straight pipe or chain) and suction wall and other forms. The removable partial illumination lamp is equipped with the corresponding hook, the handle, the clamp and so on. Stationary local lights are usually securely locked on the work machine with screws or stationary mechanisms.