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Selection of Illumination light source
- Aug 03, 2018 -

When the choice of light source, should be to meet the color, start time and other requirements, and should be based on light sources, lamps and ballasts, such as efficiency or effectiveness, life, etc. in the comprehensive technical and economic analysis of the comparison after the determination.

In the choice of light source, not only is the comparison of light source prices, but first according to the use of lighting requirements, such as the required illuminance, color line, color temperature, start, restart time.

Then consider the requirements of the use of the environment, such as the temperature of the use of the site, whether air-conditioning, supply voltage fluctuations and so on. Finally, according to the one-time investment cost and the application cost of the light source, after the comprehensive techno-economic analysis, the selection of light source is the best. Because some high efficiency, long-life light source, although the price is high, but the use of a small number of operation and maintenance cost reduction, economically and technically reasonable.