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CWA HID in Weather Proof

  • LED Replace High Bay HID

    LED Replace High Bay HID

    HID lights are widely used in general mid to high bay lightings in heavy industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, flour and feed mills etc. In order to improve productivity and ensure safety in these hazardous, dust-explosive environments, it is absolutely necessary to...Read More

  • LED Lighting Replacement HID at Open Yard

    LED Lighting Replacement HID at Open Yard

    LED and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps are lighting technologies that are available now. MATIC Lighting targets the high bay lighting retrofit that converts HID to LED. MATIC H2LC/HID250-LED070W –WP is one of the MATIC LED lamps to replace HID lamp from 250W to 125W....Read More

  • LED Replacement for 400w Metal Halide High Bay

    LED Replacement for 400w Metal Halide High Bay

    LED technology is at the forefront of energy efficient lighting. In the retrofit market, LED brings lots of benefits to the commercial, and industrial properties with traditional lighting fixtures. In recent years, it has become more and more favorable by consumers.Read More

  • Convert High Bay Lights

    Convert High Bay Lights

    If you’re looking to convert your inefficient high bay lights to LEDs you probably are aware of the many advantages LED lighting technology offers. Converting your high bay lights to LEDs can be accomplished in three different ways, we will recommend the most convenient...Read More

  • Convert High Bay Lights to LED

    Convert High Bay Lights to LED

    When making choice of available LED options, it’s essential to understand the differences of available lightings. LED lighting falls into two main categories: Retrofit LEDs and LED with Light Fixtures. Retrofit LEDs utilize existing lighting fixtures either by simple screw-in...Read More

  • Patented LED Replace HID

    Patented LED Replace HID

    In the market of high wattage HID replacement with LED, there are two different installation methods available. One is the ‘’plug and play’’ model that allows the lamp to be plugged directly into the existing fixtures using the existing ballast without any tools or costly...Read More

  • Outdoor LED Retrofit

    Outdoor LED Retrofit

    Today, LED lighting is very popular. There have been many different ways to use LED to meet the lighting needs. Going with a new fixture is always the best bet as they can last longer, run more efficiently, and provide more light than retrofit options. The reason for this is...Read More

  • LED Down Light Vs HID Light

    LED Down Light Vs HID Light

    MATIC H2LC/HID400-LED110W-WP are LED lamp replacements for 400W ~ 250W Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps with a closed fixture and Mogul (E39/EX39) screw base. This LED lamp uses plug-and-play design and work with existing HID CWA ballast. It is ideal for...Read More

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