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How To Choose The Most Suitable LED Lamp For Warehouse Lighting
- Aug 03, 2018 -

1 Energy-saving: Realize the intelligent control of the lighting system, using the two-way warehouse lighting, the day can be closed all the way, night open two;

2 Safety: should be used with dustproof, anti-corrosion, riot performance lighting fixtures to ensure the safe operation of lamps;

3 Long life: The warehouse should not change the lamp frequently, avoid the later dimension cost increase, the choice life long, the stability high lamp;

4 the height of the warehouse: it is more common to have lower-level warehouse 4-6 meters, middle-level warehouse 6-15 meters, special high-rise warehouse for more than 15 meters;

5 Shelf Height: The shelf height of middle-level warehouse is generally 2 meters, while the shelves of middle-tier warehouses are generally 8 meters.

6 illuminance Requirements: In order to be able to clearly identify the goods and labels, to the lowest brightness of the ground can not be less than 80lux.