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LED Future Road How To Go
- Aug 03, 2018 -

The development of China's LED is quite rapid, led devices and chips keep pace, rapid development, market competition more and more fierce, as of 2008 output value reached 30 billion yuan.

This is a very alarming figure for China's nascent led industry, and it also means that China is very powerful in its ability to transform the world's advanced technology and technology. At this point, in the LED industry to see the development of a good aspect, we should also have some necessary concerns. The domestic LED lamps and lanterns really like everybody say so good? We're going to play a big question mark.

We all know that led development prospects are good, so want to this industry development, domestic LED market lighting in the end how? Compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, LED lamps are much more expensive, for people, to have a period of time to adapt. Some businesses in order to quickly let consumers accept led lamps, deliberately reduce prices, but also reduce production costs.

So the market will appear those inferior LED lamps. Why the same price, the quality of the purchase is so big difference? This phenomenon is still very common, mainly because of the LED lighting market management is not enough and some unscrupulous business unconscious, the public's understanding of LED lighting is actually not much, often in the purchase of lamps, all just pay attention to the appearance of the lighting and low price, And did not care about the internal parts of LED lamps or lanterns.

So some unscrupulous businesses in order to gain more benefits, on the use of this mentality, from the beautiful appearance of lamps and cheap prices to confuse consumers, in the actual production of LED lamps, the LED lighting interior parts Jerry, the use of LED devices and chips are not in line with the production standards. If let such enterprises lead China's LED lighting industry, imagine, China LED lighting industry under its leadership will go to where? There is only one end, is to the dark. We only through continuous independent innovation, to discard the wrong LED lighting production methods and industrial structure, serious crackdown on unscrupulous traders, innovation can lead the Chinese LED lighting industry high efficiency and high-quality LED lighting products! We only adhere to the road of independent innovation, increase the LED lighting research and development, from the basic raw materials research began to increase investment, continuous innovation, China's LED lighting market can get out of the now painful confusion.