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Standard Illumination Reference Table For Indoor And Outdoor Illumination Of China
- Aug 03, 2018 -

1, Civil Construction standards: The illuminance stipulated in the illumination standard of civil buildings refers to the average maintenance illuminance on the working face. If the design is not specified, the working face is based on the reference level 0.75m from the ground.

In the design of civil architecture illumination, the nature of building, the scale of construction, the standard of grade, the requirement of function and the conditions of use should be fully considered.

2, the city standard of Reason: Urban road lighting standards based on the level of the road, for the one or two-level road, prohibited use of non-cut-off light lamps.

If the cement concrete pavement, the average illuminance value can be compared with the asphalt/dry pavement to reduce 20~30%.

3, Industrial Enterprise standards: The standard illuminance of industrial enterprises should be the average illuminance value on the operating surface of the production site. When the distance of the eye to the recognition object is greater than 500mm, or the need for long time operation, or visual operation of special requirements for operational safety, or high operating accuracy, should use the high value of illuminance range.