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Thermal Performance Of LED Lamps
- Aug 03, 2018 -

LED Mining lamp life to a large extent, depending on the level of heat dissipation, and the main way to improve the heat dissipation level is to generate excess heat through the heat sink, heat dissipation body out, at the same time with the main parameters related to led cooling resistance, temperature rise and so on. Resistance is the quotient of the difference between the effective temperature of the device and the temperature of the external specified reference point divided by the steady power dissipation in the device.

It is the most important parameter to indicate the heat dissipation degree of the device. Junction temperature refers to the temperature of the semiconductor junction of the main heating part of the LED device. It is the embodiment of the LED device in the operating conditions, can withstand the temperature value. Chip and phosphor heat resistance is very high, basic to the device's life will not have an impact.